Tuesday, February 25, 2014

I Can,Toucan

Dreamweaver Stencils, the sponsor of Die Cut Divas' blog and I love the many different ways you can use those wonderful stencils and pastes.
Hannah has let me pop in today to play hostess   The fun and rules are here..  I hope you've been playing "Girls Night Out too."  I'm just saying, I used PINK!
If you are using EMBOSSING PASTE.
1. Use removable tape to tape the stencil to the surface you will be embossing.
2. When spreading the paste across the taped stencil, start where you put down the first tape strip
3. You will be removing the tape in reverse order EXCEPT
4. Do NOT remove the last piece of tape yet, but
5. LIFT the stencil up (holding down the paper) as though it were on a hinge.  Your tape is the hinge
6. Now you can remove the stencil and tape
7. WASH the stencil  in soap and water immediately.  Wash on a flat surface so you don't bend the stencil
8. WASH the spreader at the same time.

See Stencils with Style to check out their stencils and embossing pastes.  Lots of tips and how to instructions..

This is a Dreamweaver stencil on which I spread the Dreamweaver Stencils embossing paste in white matte finish.  Please don't leave the stencil on while the paste is drying.  When the paste is dry (back does not feel cold anymore), put the stencil back on (if you want, you can use a strip of removable tape) and color with craft inks.  I used a small (SMALL) stipple brush to dab in the ink and brush on the raised areas.  The background is done on taskboard with Pan Pastels.  I used different colors of reds and greens and wiped Platinum over them to tone the colors down on the background.  The more you rub the Platinum, the shinier it gets.  The limb here looks purple, but it is brown.  I hope you like this.  I, myself, was so surprised at the wonderful results.

Tackboard is a non-warping natural wood product that is biodegradable, easy to cut and highly absorbent.  It creates strong bonds with any glue, can be sanded easily and accepts any water-based or solvent-based paint, stain or finish. You can apply any color of embossing paste.  It adheres best with liquid glues or strong 2-sided tape like Be Creative Tape.  Its unique pulp stratification allows forming over steam or after soaking in cold water.  It regains rigidity seconds after removal from steam or overnight if soaked.


Cindy C. said...

Amazing! Thanks for the tips on how to use embossing paste with stencil!!

Jane said...

Beautiful card and thanks so much for the tips. I have bought some of their paste and have yet to have a try...this will give me the confidence to have a go xx