Monday, February 17, 2014

Dies are for Decorating!

The possibilities with dies are endless, and that is one of the main reason's why I love them so much.
 Did you know that, Dreamweaver Stencils also carry die cuts to match many of their stencils?
I love this option! after you have used the stencil to make pretty designs you can come back and die cut it out, it really makes an image pop, and the detailing so intricate and beautiful, or you can use the dies with patterned paper and have a quilt block effect which is especially fun for those of you who add stitches to your cards.

Here I just used 1 sheet of patterned paper, and assembled on green cardstock, then I cut it out leaving an edge of the green.

Being an apron, it's a perfect emblem to use as a crafter so I put it up on my door with my "signature"
that I stamp on the back of all my cards, and the watermark on all my photos.  To do this I just typed it up in the same font I always use and cut it out on my silhouette, lined it up on an acetate sheet and laminated, and after cutting carefully around the letters I put some masking tape on the back to hold it in place.

 Hannah and the DCD Team


Pam Hornschu said...

What a fabulous idea! Love this!

Jutta said...

Love the apron and your sign, tfs!

CraftyJo said...

How cute! Makes me think of my mum, she always wore an apron :)