Friday, February 7, 2014

Distress ink's and Stencil's an awesome combination

 My first "love" is distress inks so I had to find a way to use them together with the stencils, I especially like to use the ink for the backgrounds, but it works great for images too such as these horses,

 ...and probably the simplest of uses with the stencils, there is no difference in how you apply the ink you just put the stencil over the area you want covered holding it in place with tape (the removable kind that won't hurt the paper) and rub the ink applicator over it like you normally do, when you lift the stencils you will see the white area's where the stencil covered.
By the way the shading was a happy accident, I love how it looks like the horses have sunlight on them :-)

I'm currently in the process of using the distress inks to water color (one of the many things they can do) with the stencils, but I'm still having the trouble of the water running under the stencil, if I can get it mastered soon I will share it with you, if it weren't for the running the result would be beautiful, even some of my mess ups look very pretty still.

 Hannah and the DCD Team


Arlene said...

Beautifully done. Looks like they're on a racetrack racing on their own. Love this.

Lynell Harlow / Dreamweaver Stencils said...

Loving your posts ....thank you for sharing Dreamweaver stencils with your die cutting readers! Great work!!!