Thursday, May 2, 2013

Tagged - You're It!

Wouldn't you like to win 7 free stamps, so you too, can have fun creating with Bugaboo Digi Stamps?

Something happened to me... I'm so organized, it's stinkin' sickening....   See my method of insanity below.

I purchased two cubbie units... well - these.  TWO units.

I got the fabric baskets, containers... whatever these are called in cream and kraft colors.  I needed some way of telling what was inside of the containers.   The light bulb turned on and I love my tags!
Gee, what's in this basket?
    Must be Stickles here!

Maybe there are punches here and scissors.. .  oh my, oh my
.  Or TAPE?  oh, my!

See how tremendously helpful this tag is.  I was forever pulling out the wrong drawer.

My first tag up was the coffee drinkin' Stella.  But for me, I'll have my gal, Stella, drinking Chai.

You can make a tag too, why?  for the May challenge.  I challenge you to make anything but a card!   Remember there are ground rules - read our rules and the particular rules of this challenge on May 1st post.

Arlene and the DCD Team

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Cindy C. said...

Cute tags Arlene! How nice to have big cubbies like that to store your supplies!