Saturday, May 4, 2013

Just a folder? You say!

If you have to track it, put some zest into it.  If you have to organize and use paper, use it to your advantage. Since I'm your May hostess, I have had to be quite inventive this month and have had great fun coloring the Bugaboo images.    I've done some pre-cutting, pre-coloring, pre-organizing... and when I've had enough pre- this, pre- that, I sit down to color.  I was off work for a few days and went back to work where I had to do some pre-organizing and pre-considering.  It's true I'm making up words, but that's ok.

This is when I felt the ground shake (not just because I live in California).  I was sitting there at work without anything pretty or silly or remotely FUN to look at while I prepped a project.  UGH... So first thing back from the office... I started typing up what I needed to do for May, while at the same time, making my hostessing FUN!  I now have a folder to keep many of the things I pre-color or print out, waiting their turn in the sunlight.

Now when I'm feelin' down or overwhelmed, I don't have to go far to relieve that stress!  I can be grumpy and grouchy... as you can tell, some of Stella is colored.  But I can also have my happy moments and the darlin' friends are hanging out together with some color in their cheeks and on their clothes.

Be inventive, Be creative, Be YOU!  Visit Bugaboo!  Remember to hop over to claim your Friday Freebie.
(Did you really think I'd give the May schedule away?)  Have fun coloring, cutting, poking, tweezing (tweezing - handling  or extracting with tweezers),  and embossing and die-cutting, you wonderful DIVAS, you!  Make tags, journals, calendars, embellishments or alter something.  There are so many things you can do to make that useful tool, container, whatever into something artistic too.

Arlene and the DCD Design Team


Cindy C. said...

Hahaha Arlene you made me smile, so smart to have different images ready to colour depending on your mood!

Heather Maria said...

Arlene, great post, you had me giggling away as I was reading it! Sounds like a fun challenge!

paula laird said...

Ok now you are putting me to shame ;). Think I will have to do something like this for my next go at hosting!