Tuesday, May 14, 2013

A notepad by any other name...

A notepad by any other name is still a notepad.

I started with a donated TISSUE BOX... yes, really...

THEN,  like a frog, it turned into, if not a prince, at least a dude that can wear whatever he wants!

I got a toy to play with... the CINCH and it is a cinch.  I think I'm going to love it... and getting back to the notepad, the tissue box is the cover.  Then Gus came out in his manly beach wear to attract a crowd of keen Gus aficionados, just adding to the overall outrageous swirly atmosphere here.  


See, there is a back to it and it's just about as outrageous as the front - not quite... 

Here's my recycling tip - you never know what you have in your hand.- trash or treasure!  
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1 comment:

Jutta said...

Arlene your notebook is a hoot!
Gus needs his own fan club!