Saturday, May 11, 2013

I've joined the Altoids Gang

I've joined the Altoids Gang and altered this Altoids tin.  Here we go on the steps along the way.

Grab Altoid tin from garage.  It had matches in it... ?  No idea where it came from.

 Buy some Emery Boards - why?

Cover with papers of your choice, back, front and sides.  I left the metal below the lid.
I filed down the edges on the paper.  Just take sand paper or an emery board and push the board down the paper from where you glued the paper to turn the edges down against the tin container. Decorate with a Bugaboo digi stamp.
Here is Stella in all her charming beauty, a Bugaboo image.  Check her out. 
I figured a hospital patient needed Altoids.

She needs her meds as you can see.

Added a butterfly to bother Stella

Close-up of ol' Stella.

You might try to alter something and add a little fun with a Bugaboo digi stamp.  Hope you liked this tin.

Arlene and the DCD team

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