Friday, October 25, 2013

Inspiration Via Google

Why Google you ask, when you can find plenty in our very own flickr group? Well I have more online accounts then I can count and rather then signing up to view and save images I like to just be able to type it in, and I like to look beyond just another card, I like to find inspiration from, paintings or drawings, and photographs or just looking around at decorations in windows and shops.
So when I think of a theme or something similar I just put a short description in the google image search box and press enter, and within seconds lots of fun and interesting things pop up to inspire me. In-fact this is how my idea for this months challenge came about!

So if you are interested, copy the following into the search box or click on the links, and be inspired!

vintage fall pictures
autumn leaves
pumpkin designs
animals and autumn
autumn paintings by famous artists
old houses in autumn
fall decorating ideas

    Hannah and the DCD Design Team

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SusanLotus said...

Thank you for sharing all these truly beautiful picture with us!


Have a great weekend!