Friday, October 4, 2013

Favorite Die of the Month

It has been my habit, to share with you each month a favorite die cut, in 3 posts throughout the week, but this month I am putting it all on one post.  So without further ado, this month my favorite die is.....

This lovely flower die and stamp set, from Hero Arts
below is the full set, but I will only be using the flower.

With this die you can create something elegant.....

or clean and simple,

and you can use the die by itself to create a cute little gift tag!
The choices are endless! as with most dies. 

When you stamp flowers you usually want to use more then one color, so here are some tips on inking your flower.  
If you have small ink pads such as the 1 inch cubes, those work perfectly to get the look you want, its very easy to apply  without getting messy or having to wipe off ink that got in the wrong place.
Bigger ink pads are a little trickier, for example to ink the little stem in between the petals of the flower, you'll want to turn the pad at an angle using just a corner, if you still get ink on the edges just take a wet paper towel and with your fingernail wipe it clean before applying the next color. I myself am still trying to master the trick, as you can see above, but with the right touch it comes out perfect.

Thanks for stopping by! I hope you get a chance to have fun with your favorite die this week
          Hannah and the Die Cut Diva's

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Arlene said...

Great tips and I love the examples you've shown us. I never would have thought to use the flower as a gift tag, but it's wonderful!