Monday, October 7, 2013

A Color Scheme

Sometimes it helps to have a "color scheme" to get you started on a project, but if you ask me when it comes to making Autumn cards your colors are right outside your door, you already know the colors you want.

But those of you who are not in the mood for fall cards yet, or it's not fall time for you this might help you get started.

Here at home the colors haven't quite changed, but the changes popping up little by little, on all of our neighborhood trees.  And as of today I'm packing my bags to leave on our favorite Autumn destination, across the river to Grafton IL, usually by this time the fall colors are in full bloom there, and the weather is perfect for hiking and biking and just relaxing at the Pere Marquette Lodge were we stay, chatting and playing games over a cup of cider or cocoa. 

Here are lovely cards made by Arlene and Paula:

Paula at Scraps of Me

Hannah and the Die Cut Divas

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