Saturday, October 2, 2010

Flowers - a little tutorial

I have a lovely friend - Sue B - who makes lovely hand made flower embellishments, using hand painted papers and Spellbinders dies  - recently she did a little tutorial on her blog - which she has kindly allowed me to reproduce here...

so enjoy:

Some more flower cards.!!!!
I have had great fun doing them.
I made a sample of the flowers and placed them on card
so that they do not damage, and I can pull them off when needed.

How I make my Flowers

I use Acrylics for painting my paper, any old paper not Water colour Paper. I cut out the shapes with Spellbinder Dyes, I stamp up some in Archival black ink, once again any swirl stamp or text stamp.
I then emboss on C.B. using a swirl folder.
Now ink the edges.
The fun begins now, you can distress your petals to curl under
or upwards, as seen on my sample card.
Use an embossing tool and work the edges of the petals a couple of times
work on the wrong side if you want the petals to curl under and on the right side if you want them to curl upwards.
Turn over the Flower ( they should be curled) now Press with your tool in the centre of the flower so that the flower is pressed inwards
Yea you have your first layer.

Make as many layers this way as you like, you can use the same sizes or use different sizes, depending how big you want them.
To make a bud use a small circle and fold a couple of times and squish, then open slightly.
You may have to cut the bottom off a little so that it lies flat.
 Good luck, I hope you have as much enjoyment making them as I have.
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Aren't they so cool.... thank you Sue...
Please feel free to go to her blog and let her know if you like them....



Arlene said...

Thank you for posting - these are marvelous.

stampingandstitching said...

Oh these are gorgeous! Thanks for the great tutorial! I've only just discovered this site - I'll be back again and again:)