August 1, 2014

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Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Quick Watercolor Technique Wet Watercolor on Dry Paper

I took a class on watercolor techniques at my local stamp shop, The Stamp Art Shoppe, in Roseville, California.  Susan, our teacher, also conducts Copic coloring classes.

Here is an easy peasy card because it is easy to make your colors go where you want them to.   Yes, this was no accident.  hehehe  If your paper is dry, your watercolors won't run out of control as much as a wet on wet technique.  Just a tip.  As Susn says, "it is easier to contain the color where you put it".  You put your wet media (watercolors blue and green) on the paper and tilt the paper so you get the drips and runs where you want them.  Now I wanted purple after I had the blue and green on, so that's what I did.  I added the purple, tilted the card and let it run.  I really liked the addition of a third color.  Let it dry and then stamp a large stamp to give it some cohesion.  A ribbon here added some interest.

I didn't get the image stamped well here, but if I didn't tell you, you wouldn't have known it.  The happenstance of art!

I really do like the way this turned out.

Monday, September 15, 2014

Which Machine is for you!

This week we will be sharing some helpful videos for die cutting, To start here is a great video for those of you looking to get a die cutting machine and see which is for you, Enjoy!

                                      Part 1

                               Part 2

These informative videos is put out by "Cut at Home"

Hannah and the DCD Team

Friday, September 12, 2014

It's all in the Fringe

You can tell I'm having fun with these western bugaboo digi's!  I printed out the saddle a little bigger than I intended, but I really like how this turned out

When I started out I saw that something was needed to offset the enormous saddle, I must have racked my brain for 15 minutes before the idea struck, but finally (and this took a half hour) I used a border punch and threaded the embossing twine then I cut 28 small strips of the same and carefully adhered each bunch. The embossing folder I chose (which is new) seemed the perfect addition, as it reminded me of a afghan throw you might throw over a saddle.
I hope you have a great weekend! Come back next week for some great tips in regards to your dies.
Hannah and the DCD Team

Thursday, September 11, 2014

Make a Joyful Noise

Before you read on let me just say I apologize, I set this post up on the wrong blog, so this post has been delayed a wee bit.

Hilde has a stash of new products here, on these two lovely cards,

Please keep her in your thoughts and prayers, as she has not been doing well and undergoing several medical tests, although she is new to our DT and we have come to enjoy her and her beautiful work, she will be leaving although we hope she will now and again  join us if she feels up to it.

Monday, September 8, 2014

The Color Wheel Technique

Arlene has a great technique here with these two cards, using a color wheel to combine coordinating colors. 
 in her own words;
Another technique for me.  This Technique in using the color wheel is choosing analogous colors with one complement.  I used three analogous colors on this card, consisting of Yellow, Yellow-Green and Green.  I then used the complementary color of Green, which is Red.

I used three colors next to each other on the color wheel.   Taking a section from Dina Wakely's handout practice sheets, "These colors harmonize well and even blend into each other.  The effect is similar to a monochromatic scheme, but with more visual interest.  The gradual changing of the colors is pleasing and suggests form and depth". Another practice handout contained boxes again for practice using analogous with complement.  That's the technique I used here.

Analogous with Complement.  Analogous is 2 to 3 colors next to each other on the color wheel.  You add a color that is complementary to the middle color or actually to whichever color looks best of the paint you're using, but usually the middle color.  A Dina Wakely moment please:  "This scheme gives you the harmony of the analogous scheme, and a bit of pop from the complement."  I think it works!
I hope the color wheels below are helpful.  The two circles directly below are from
complementary colors - red and greenComplementary Colors: Those colors located opposite each other on a color wheel.

analogous colorsAnalogous Colors: Those colors located close together on a color wheel
The wheel below I found by googling "color wheel" right here
Thanks Arlene I love this idea don't know I never thought of this when I'm stuck and don't know what colors to use.
Hannah and the DCD Team

Friday, September 5, 2014

Yeehaw! Grab your Boot's and Saddle up.

While I haven't yet attempted a new technique there are plenty of new things here
I got "Dottie 2 step" a while ago from bugaboo, and when I saw the boot and saddle in their repertoire I thought they would be the perfect combination for her.
I also am in the habit of making a similar design on all my cards but this time I decided to do something new and change my style up a bit, using several and randomly placed images,
the embossed background is a folder I recently purchased at my local Hobby Lobby. 
I had so much fun putting this together, and playing with all my "new" stuff!
Have a Great Weekend,
Hannah and the DCD Team.

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Of Giraffes and Coffee Addicts

Hey Readers!
Today I'd like to share with you some fun Cards made by Marsha, 

Isn't this cute!  Here Marsha used a new fun technique with wax paper for that pretty sky background.
And here she used newspaper as a background (isn't that a neat idea!), and for the "coffee rings" she inked a small  circular object,  the stamp is also a new image.

I Love them, and so many good idea's are packed into these sweet cards! I hope this inspires you as it did me.
Hannah and the DCD Team

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

August Challenge Winners

I'm here to announce our winners for the August challenge.  Isn't it just great that three of our artistic entries for August will each win a $15.00 gift certificate to go shopping at Oozak, our fantastic sponsor for August.

Please email your your email addresses to our blog and I will submit your names and emails to Oozak so they may contact you to tell you how to collect on your gift certificate.

And the winners are:

# 1:  Julie Reed  

# 2:Jane of Jane's Journal  

# 3: Gail of I like Paper  

Congratulations to you all from the Die Cut Divas!

Monday, September 1, 2014

September challenge - New Things

I hope you all had great fun enjoying those "summer nights of August" and I'm looking forward to see what September will bring us.

This Month I challenge you to do something new! step outside your comfort zone, try a new technique, or even a new fold, who knows you might like it! Did you go shopping and buy something "new" to play with? or maybe you want to try a new color combo.

Remember you must at least use one die cut or embossing folder and while we're at it remember all cards/projects must be "new" and dated after the first of September.

This Month Our generous sponsor is Bugaboo, and we are excited to once again inspire you with their variety of cute and funny images.

If you have any questions feel free to drop us a line

Here are some lovely examples from Our Diva's

 Marsha - used a new image (The unicorn)

For this card I have tried to stretch myself a little, this layout is totally new to me, and I am not sure what I was trying to achieve, lol, eclectic Vintage maybe....the embossing folder is new as well...blessings Hilde
Visit Hilde at Happy Glitzy Girl

 New Technique - Complementary colors - yellow and purple on the color wheel - I'm using brown as a neutral like black or white 
(yes the saddle and plastic circle look blue, but are not)
Hannah used this cute new image from Bugaboo,
and the ants symbolize hard workers since this card is intended as a thank you for help

Cathie - House of Borowski
Its a New Image,  I have tried a new card fold - I don't know what its called though and you can't see it but there is double embossing on the inside of the card.


Using a new Digi from Bugaboo.  New stamps from Kaisercraft and Winnie & Walter.

Enter here and make sure and drop us a line in the comments below and tell us what you did "New"!
Hannah and The Die Cut Diva's

Sunday, August 31, 2014

Thank you!

Thank you to Oozak for being such a great sponsor.

A great big "Thank you" to our group of Die Cut Divas for giving such great examples for the month of August.  I'm sorry if I stumped some of you on the challenge, but I couldn't stump our Divas here.  I can hear the ground shake and the air move with fireworks on this first card.

Gwen is a Some Odd Girl clear stamp and isn't she just sweet?  
Be sure to visit Cathie at House of Borowski.

Marsha did a fantastic card for Operation Write Home (OWH), using MFT circle dies which can be purchased at Oozak.  You'll want to visit Marsha at Gramma's Room real soon.

Hilde's comments on cars is classic!  "Here is another classic car image from the internet, Americans seem to be the same car fanatics as we have here in Australia.  All the papers are from my stash, and I used a gadget gear Tim Holtz/Sizzix die and cut the largest one in half for this project."  
Visit Hilde at Happy Glitzy Girl

Hannah presents us with such a lovely maiden here. 

Fine Dining, Fun to be had by all

Visit Dawn's World to catch a bit of Dawn

Thank you to our sponsor from the Die Cut Divas!

Friday, August 29, 2014

Glitzy and BLue


I colored this gal in my Copics group on Tuesday this week and I really like this.  No paper piecing, all Copic coloring and a swirl of glittery gems too.  When I think Hot August Nights, I think Reno Nevada and when I think of Reno, I think lots of glitz in the hotels, clubs, gambling and dresses.  So here's a bit of glitz for you.
I think she's cute and fits so wonderfully on this tag.

I guess you really don't have to wonder that a Julie Nutting doll would fit
 on a Julie Nutting tag, now would you?  

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

A little Copics Does you GOOD!


Cogs and wheels, oh my!  An inspector comes to haunt Hot August Nights.  A TIM HOLTZ inspector...  I have to tell you I had my social Copic coloring class today.  This kind of class you have to love.  You bring what you want to color and if you are bringing something that you're having trouble with, you have the teacher there to assist you.  AND she makes lunch for us.  There were 15 people and Susan always makes a salad when it's a warm/hot day.  Salad just does not convey the meal.  This woman makes the most unusual and DELICIOUS salads I have ever had.  Today we also had sandwiches, the bread I need to write the name down because I've never had it before.  YUM!... oh, we colored too!  Since I wanted to make a card for today, I colored my man and put him together tonight.
 Doesn't he just remind you of a Sherlock Holmes?  I think this turned out quite good.  I really like coloring this on watercolor paper with Tim Holtz' Distress markers and a wet brush, but I do like the way this turned out.

A little close up - some gears from large gears from a Die-namics set (clock with hands and these gears)
Hope you like this dude, I'm liking him quite well for a neat guy card.

Monday, August 25, 2014

A little bit retro, maybe a little bit Rock and Roll?

I was thinking this was pretty modern... no, my granddaughter told me it looks like the decade of the 80s.  Upon further thought, I quite agree - an 80s card - retro.  I've gone retro and I didn't even plan it.  Now if I could plan and execute, I'd be doing well.

Retro or not, I rather liked the striped panel (from a box that held black and white note cards) as a major panel on this card.  I used dies from a Dienamics set which I am sure I purchased at Oozak, but can't find it now. There's always something new.  I really like the Fired Brick Distress Paint - how hot can you get with a name like that?
No stamping at all - yes I'm quite surprised at the number of cards I've made with no stamping.  

Thursday, August 21, 2014

Lemonade, Anyone?

I'd like to let everyone know there will be THREE WINNERS this month, so follow the inspiration by our fantastic DTs and enter our challenge.  I shop at Oozak all the time.  Try it, you'll like it!

Isn't Marsha's card brilliant!  What else would you want but a nice ice-cold glass of lemonade or other delicious drink?  I think she's captured "Hot August Nights" concept perfectly.  Such great colors to convey excitement, cooling off and summer fun.  That cool drink looks good to me, the fun stripes just say "party" and orange note card foundation is fun, excitement and summer.

She inspires me!
See Marsha's blog at Gramma's Room for some great inspiration.

Monday, August 18, 2014

Mid-month Inspiration


Here are some beauties for your mid-month inspiration. I do have to tell you that I do shop at Oozak for my Copics and dies.  They have fantastic prices and their sales are fantastic.  No, they don't pay me to say this.  It's true.

Marsha is bent on keeping us all cool during "Hot August Nights" and I'm LOVING it.  
Visit Marsha at 
Gramma's Room for lots of fun and inspiration.

Arlene's card - New Julie Nutting stamp - Aidan
I really like this kid.  LOL  -  Arlene at A Bit of This atnd That