Monday, August 11, 2014

What's in a name? OOZAK


Do you ever wonder how some names came into existence?  I've always wondered about OOZAK... I've never heard of an oozak, have you?   Well, what better time to ask when Oozak is graciously sponsoring our blog for August.  

Introducing Rusty of Oozak:
     How did your company come about?
     The local art supply store for which I was the General Manager & buyer for was closing. So, I started selling graphic art equipment & supplies on eBay. It evolved from there.

How did the name of your company ,Oozak, come about?
     I'm in Kalamazoo, MI and a lot of people here call it Kazoo. So, easy enough, Kazoo backwards makes Oozak.

·         How long have you been in business?
    August 2004, hard to believe it's been 10 years already!
·         Where can we find you?
On the web:
·         Can anyone shop with you?  In other words what happens for overseas visitors?
Yes, anyone can shop, I just can't ship COPIC items outside of North America.
·         What is one of your favourite products that you carry & why?
COPIC! The quality cannot be beat. There may be "cheaper options", but in the end, COPIC quality is unsurpassed…made in Japan, not in China. I actually had one of those "cheaper options" tell me that COPIC had "too many colors". Who cares how many colors there are? They proceeded, "people don't need all those colors". OK, dictator, glad you know what everyone needs, I'll stick with COPIC ;)
·         Do you craft & how often do you get a chance to do so?
Not really. If I had more time, I would dabble a bit more. Maybe when the kids get older and I have a bunch of employees ;)

·         Do you have a blog or Face Book page showcasing your products? (not sure if this is the same as #3)
There is a blog,, but it's on hold right now, hoping to have it back up and running in the fall. Also on Facebook,

    I hope Rusty has her blog up in the Autumn too.  Even if I didn't enter, I loved checking it out and also oohing and ahhing over all the goodies in her store.    

 Thank you for your interview, Rusty, lots of interesting tidbits and now you and I know the origin of OOZAK, name and company.

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