Friday, August 1, 2014


Oozak is offering THREE $15.00 gift certificates to the THREE winners of this month's challenge.  All winners are drawn randomly.  And I forgot to give everyone the news that there will be THREE WINNERS this month.

Those on the US western coast know another definition to Hot August Nights than the one you usually think of - right, it's hot in August and sometimes even the nights stay hot.  In Reno, Nevada, it's an entirely different outlook.  As they advertise in Reno, "Celebrating America's Love Affair with Cars and Rock and Roll".   July 29th through August 3rd, 2014, there will be nightly cruising and drag racing in Sparks (city right beside Reno), entertainment, an Auction and of course gambling for those who want to leave their money in Nevada.

Now you know what Hot August Nights means to the western states, but you can interpret "Hot August Nights" in your own way.  Reno is at 4,400 feet elevation, the high desert, so think desert colors, bright starry nights, cars, motorcycles, lights, fireworks, blurring scenes, big wide spaces, chandeliers in the casinos,  glitzy nightwear, cowboys, sexy ladies, rock and roll, streets, and that's just some of it.  Now, what does hot and August mean to you?  Just tell us how you feel you've made your card to fit our challenge.  I hope this makes for a lively bunch of cards.

Now to introduce some examples from our fabulous team:
Arlene with an easel card - Reno with the desert mountains behind her.

House of Borowski

Cathie took her inspiration from all the images of Reno with its building landscape at night and a little bit of girlishness with a touch of sequins.  House of Borowski

This is what Hot August nights means to Marsha.  What a lovely scene.

Hilde's first card for Hot August nights.  She used Tim Holtz' gadget gears as her dies.  
She googled Hot August Nights and this is the fantastic card she came up with.

Dawn - A rockabilly girl

 Made By Hannah

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