Friday, July 19, 2013

Stretching your dies.... or should that be shrinking your dies?

Did you know that you can adapt your dies to change their size?

No... neither did I till I took a look at a recent blog post from Sheila (here)

I asked her if I could share some of the post here and being the generous  person she is... she said okay!

So here is a great tip for getting the most of your dies.

" I also am still experimenting with stretching my dies.  I love a square card and have many square images like the one I used today but not many square least the square dies I do have are never big enough for most of my images.  BUT! I do have lots of fancy rectangular dies.....and it took me the longest time and seeing many examples online before I put it together that other people were retrofitting their rectangular dies to fit a square card.  Duh!  So, it is a little more futsy than just cutting a die and placing it on the card but in the long run I like the results and more importantly I like that I can use my dies for more than one look!  So far I have only used rectangles but think that I can also use other shaped dies for this purpose.  My "mind's eye" doesn't see the possibilities right away so it takes me a bit to configure the dies....almost like working with a puzzle.

Today's card uses a large rectangular die from Spellbinders.  I cut it down quite a bit to get the square size that I wanted.  Then, I matched up the edging design and glued them down.  It is really hard to see the "seam" on this die but even so I decided to cover the seam with the ribbon."

Here is the card Sheila created

and this is a card showing the full die that Sheila "retrofitted"

 5 x 7 Detailed Scallops
So thanks Sheila for sharing this great tip.  I am certainly going to try out this technique.


Arlene said...

Dawn and Sheila!

Thank you both for sharing. I've been sitting here not stretching my dies. Fabulous!

Cindy C. said...

Awesome!! Never would have thought of that! TFS!