Monday, April 28, 2014

Farewell is not Goodbye

Farewell to one of the founders of the modern Die Cut Divas' challenge blog, Paula Laird.  We're going to sorely miss her.  Paula has a lot going on at this time in her life and she may wish to jump back into her Diva spot at another time.

Arlene here.  Paula is the one who pushed us from the Flickr group onto the blog that Linda Regenboog created for the group.  Linda has given us the care of the Flickr group and this challenge blog and Paula changed things, created buttons and started us out on our first tentative steps.  You know how friendships grow and Paula is my friend, just going to miss her input and personality on this blog as a DT.  Here is the "Thank you" card I sent out to her.  To sweet Paula.
From Arlene

Now it's my turn.... Dawn here saying farewell to a woman that deserves the title "Diva".  I got to know Paula through the Flickr group of Die Cut Divas and was thrilled to assist with the challenges there and now on this blog.  I have also had the thrill of meeting Paula for real.... The first time nearly 4 years ago when she had a two week old baby!  (My, Paula, hasn't the time flown by!) and then again in September 2012 I got to spend a whole day with her, talking and visiting her local stamp store and doing some crafting too.  I can tell you, this is one LOVELY lady.  Paula, I will miss you here on the blog, but I can tell we'll be friends long time.  Next time I'm in Mooloolaba you can guarantee I'll be popping in for tea and card making!    Here's the card I sent Paula to say thanks for being such a fabulous Diva.

  When Paula and I first became "web buddies" via Flickr she encouraged me and was there for me, and encouraging me when I felt my art wasn't good enough, she even shipped supplies to me overseas. And when I joined this lovely group she made me welcome, her input and idea's always so clever.
Paula I want to thank you first and foremost for your friendship, and for your time and effort helping our little blog grow. ~Hannah

To Paula from the other Divas.  We love you.


judkajudi said...

Winnie the Pooh said, " Don't be sad that it's over, be happy it happened at all." Best wishes to Paula ... you Divas have done well!!

Pajalu said...

You guys Rock! Thank you for all your kind words & gorgeous cards. I wish my fellow Divas & all of you creative wonderful challeng"ee's" the best. Hugs to you all - Paula xoxoxo