Monday, September 9, 2013

How do you store your Dies and Metal Stencils?

I've been storing my dies on pages of magnetic strips.  I'm thinking of keeping my small dies on these, but have changed storing my larger dies and stencils now.

First I bought some art boards (painted wooden pieces of art bought at Big Lots cheap)

I had in mind covering the boards with a magnetic sheet (see below)
Then I put dies on one board

 Then I made another board for more dies.

I hung the two boards up after moving my shelving unit from that wall to the side.

 Better photos below of two boards.

The third board I made is on the right side below with all my Dreamweaver Stencils.  If you use something like this for your Dreamweaver Stencils, be sure to take the stencil off without bending the stencil.  Think of it having one side as a hinge.  Take it off as you would after stenciling with embossing paste.  

Remember our great sponsor Dreamweaver Stencils is giving away four sets of Stencils each week on this blog.  I will announce the first winner on Tuesday.  
Thankyou, Dreamweaver Stencils

Arlene and the Die Cut Divas


Marsha said...

Where did you get the magnetic boards?

Karenladd said...

What a great idea! Love the idea of storing them magnetically so I would be able to see what I had!

Arlene said...

The magnet boards are home made. I bought boards (the art pieces) and covered them with magnetic sheets that you can buy at Michaels in a role for $9.99 (add 40% coupon and the price goes down). A role is about 12 by 24 inches.