Thursday, March 21, 2013

Triple Time Tutorial

Today I am sharing with you a tutorial from Arlene on the Triple Time Technique.  Arlene and I first saw this on our friend, Anne's blog.  She had watched a video by Dawn Olchefske which showed how the technique was done.  But she wanted to write it down so she could have the sizes and instructions always with her.

So here's Arlene's instructions

Size                        Stamped panel dimensions        Bottom panel dimensions
           A                                                             B
Smallest               2” X 3 ¼”                                              2 ¼” X 3 1/2 “
Middle                  3” X 4 ¼”                                              3 ¼” X 4 1/2”
Largest                 4” X 5 ¼”                                              8 ½” X 5 ½”                          BASE
All Right Ladies, Start your Engines… oops… cutting.  Cut out all the sizes listed above.  We’ll call the panels that are going to be what I think of as the “top” panels Panel “A”s and the bottom panels (like the panel that becomes the notecard itself) Panel “B”s.
Fold Panel "B"  (base) in half and now you have your note card ready. 
Take all the panel “A” s and tape with Removable tape, largest on the bottom and smallest on the top.  On the smallest panel (A) you may wish to stamp a sentiment first and then start stamping.  Start in the center and work your way around the edges, using a lighter ink because this is your stamped background.   You can use a background, script, or other stamp for background.  Then stamp with a darker ink using a smaller image, like a flower, butterfly or other focal image around the as you prefer.  When satisfied, stop and pull the panels apart. 
Starting with the smallest panel, layer the smallest panels “A” and “B” together, next layer the middle panels “A” and “B” together.  Be careful to make sure the pieces are not upside down when you layer 1st and 2nd sets.  Attach the 2 “A/B” panels, smallest on top of middle panels.   Add embellishments like buttons, flowers, pearls & twine (32 inches wraps 3 times around the top panels). To wrap twine, hold twine to left side (for right-handers), starting in front and wrap 3 times.  You can thread the button with the twine.  Tie and make bow.  Trim twine tails on bow.  
Take the largest “A” panel and adhere to “B” Base or note card.
Put dimensional on the bottom of the top panel section that is now one panel and layer to bottom panel.  You are finished.

Here is the video

(permission granted by Dawn Olchefske)

Hope you have a go with this technique.  It really is fun. 

and the Die Cut Divas team.


rcwidow (Linda) said...

I have seen this technique before, but never tried it. Thanks for the detailed instructions and video.

Unknown said...

Ah. :-) I had just adopted this technique and made my card, entering this months challenge. It does produce amazing results..
Happy surprise to see this technique highlighted :-)

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