Sunday, June 9, 2013

The beautiful but UNREAL Peonie

What I need at my new office is FLOWERS!... but not R E A L Flowers.  The new building I'll be moving into does not allow live plants and I'm not sure why.  From what I've read on Gold level LEED buildings, that doesn't seem to be the case.  Oh well, .  Suffice it to say, the tan tones of my cubicle walls will NEED something.   I may have solved the problem after seeing this tutorial at Michella Marie.  She uses coffee filters and these are gorgeous peonies.  This is probably the only time I've ever really wanted to drink coffee so I could use the coffee filters.  Other than the (for me) awful taste of coffee, I may invest in some coffee filters if I can't find something else to fit the bill to make these beautiful flowers.   Thought I'd share this beauty.

Here's the wonderful result of Michella Marie's work.SEE, I TOLD YOU

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