Monday, June 10, 2013

Live Sketches

Good Morning Readers!

Happy Monday!

Today I wanted to share with you something I dicovered  quite by accident, I'm sure it's already out there and probably has a different name even, I don't know but I found it very helpful.

I'm going to call it Live Sketches..... (because instead of hand drawing I'm actually arranging pieces by hand.)
Last week while working on my cards for the favorite die cut week, I was cutting out all my pieces and I was stacking them together when I noticed a design like a sketch! So I unpiled all the pieces and began arranging them and coming up with idea's.
This is what I came up with.
At first, when I was cutting I was still trying to figure out what to do, but as soon as I saw this I immediately knew what stamps to use, what colors I wanted,  and the the look I wanted.
I was just so amazed at how quickly I was able to work after seeing the design and how much it helped me.

I f you sitting at your desk to make a card and you are just stumped, I would recommend trying this out, and it really helps to do it all in white, just use some scraps or unused die cuts, another thing that was helpful was to lay the stamps on the sketch before inking just to see where I'd like it.

Happy Die Cutting!

Hannah and the DCD Design Team.

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